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Champagne Circuit

Before the famous Grand Prix in Monaco, a charity race leads billionaire and sports car enthusiast Clover VanIvery to stumble through a speechless encounter with her favorite driver, Niko Morrison. In turn, he’s instantly taken with her charm, and they ultimately end up together for drinks near the track.

Later, at a company’s gala on the team owner’s yacht, Clover and Niko share a heated tryst on their balcony, unnoticed by everyone except Niko’s hated rival and teammate, Wesley Hoyt. Unable to curb his temper, Niko goes after Hoyt, but the witness to their tryst escapes and doubles back, eager to claim Clover as his own.

At the next race on tour, Clover proves she’s not just a novelty, performing an outrageous, but impressive, stunt on the track. It’s a tour de force that stirs Niko even further, provoking Hoyt to pursue the trophy with depraved vengeance.

Champagne Circuit is as fast-paced off the track as on, leading Niko and Hoyt on a collision course, one man desperate to protect the woman he finally admitted into his heart, and the other craving what he can’t have, and willing to destroy anyone standing in his way.


Starling – Emery's Version

Emery Starling is on top of the world, thriving as the pulse of the music charts and industry. Through years of relationships that sizzled until they fizzled, Emery built an empire with her soul, writing words that break and mend hearts in mere minutes. Surprisingly, she receives a very public offer from Jaxon Tinker—pro football’s heartthrob and world-class tight end—to attend a game as his guest.


After proper vetting, Emery tiptoes into unfamiliar water and publicly accepts his invite while on stage. Their unusually social romance dances through an obstacle course of the realities of a life with Emery, all under the eye of millions and the relentless media. As the stakes rise, Jaxon makes every effort to provide a shell of safety around their newly budding relationship and around Emery herself.


Emery falls deep and hard and begins penning a song of their story, clueing Jaxon in during a holiday visit at his family farm. In doing so, he riffs some new lines into the lyric himself, driving Emery’s interest home and towards another monumental leap of faith.


Jaxon and Emery tackle every hurdle together, until a disaster draws a thick line in the sand, prompting Jaxon to make a choice that changes everything for Emery—and for him.


Will the daily grind of straddling the musical and sports worlds be insurmountable, or can they build a foundation beneath their apprehensive feet, finally rewarding Emery with her own End Game?

Paperback and Kindle

Starling – Emery's Version

Extended Edition

EXTENDED EDITION (hardcover) includes two additional chapters, two sets of complete lyrics, and features chapter headers with images.


Jinger Slays Christmas

Jinger Eden is a magazine journalist who secretly writes the spiciest smut novels under a closely guarded pen name. One of her books has taken off and everyone’s talking about it. Only her best friend knows she’s the author, and only her best friend knows that Jinger is a virgin. At 28.

Once home for Christmas, she meets Eros, her brother’s best friend and rowing teammate from college. Although he’s six years younger, the chemistry between them is immediate, and they share a number of intense moments that bring her closer than ever to chipping away at the concealed wall of chastity she’s built up.

When she finds out Eros is a huge fan of her books, she’s secretly flattered, but as each encounter grows more heated, Jinger fears he’ll be disappointed at her lack of experience. When she discovers that he’s auditioned for the audio version of her chart-topping book, she’s horrified. She tiptoes through the day, desperate to be closer to Eros, but terrified for him to discover her secrets.

Can Jinger balance the development of a new and exciting character in her own story, or will the holiday be a stress-filled Christmas disaster?


Lumber Jill

An emergency surgery leaves Big Fork’s only female contractor, Jill Carpenter, unable to work with her crew of Lumber Jills for an extended period of time. To compound her problems, she’s hammered with an enormous hospital bill, and needs cash now.

Desperate for a side job, she meets Archer Saxbury (the third!) at the local watering hole, and he’s equally desperate to have his basement remodeled. JIll falls head over heels for him, and he feels the same, volunteering to help with the project. They spend countless hours together, with chemistry that’s off-the-charts, cultivating a bond that draws them incredibly close.

Unbeknownst to Jill, Archer is unhappily married to Stephanie, his wife of nearly 20 long, painful years. As he tries to unravel the legalities I of his entanglement, Stephanie grows increasingly bizarre in her attempts to keep her husband—and his money.

Will the truth condemn Jill and Archer’s relationship and the remodel—or will Jill grant Archer a permit for a new build?


Nina Stirling, a copy editor from Seattle, joins her best friend, Eliza, on a 4th of July holiday weekend. They head to Jekyll Island, Georgia—one of the top locations in the country for fireworks.

With Eliza’s help, Nina travels with the intent to have a good time, and hoping to cross some fantasies off her sexual bucket list.

When they arrive at their hotel, an attractive silver fox, Beau, offers Nina the weekend of a lifetime—with him and a couple of his friends. After a short deliberation Nina decides to take the bait—jumping into bed with all three of them.

Cowboy and Wild Horses


Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.05.52 PM.png

Lola Eriksen and her horse, Hercules, were a dynamic and unstoppable duo that dominated racing news. That all changed after they took the Triple Crown and a near-fatal accident changed their worlds forever.

Since that fateful day, and after the death of her father, her life became simpler, and she never rode again. One night, as she’s about to fulfill her every fantasy with a new ranch hand, Carson, she is abruptly interrupted by her father’s most trusted employee, Nash. Nash lures her away from Carson and exposes the world she never knew her father had built around her.

As she learns the truth about her world, she also learns that the accident was not what it seemed, prompting her to ask herself if she’s ready to take on the family business, and at what cost.

Can Lola be the heiress she was meant to be, and life to take her rightful place on top—or will being the head of the operation prove she’s not ready for the danger?

Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.03.12 PM.png

A year after repelling countless attacks from past enemies, Lola has paved the way to recovery with the help of Nash, Lottie, and Carson. After significant security upgrades to the ranch, the group discovers that two new heads have grown in the place of the mafia serpent they thought was vanquished.

This new threat becomes fatal when a likely addition to the family is brutally murdered. The group of four retaliates, hunting down Moretti and Greco, intending to finally end the circle of crime surrounding them.

Just as Lola plans her unconventional happily ever after, a final menace could end them all. Will she escape with her heart intact, or even her life?



Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.53.45 PM.png

When the stars align, Diana and Noah meet and their love story becomes legend, consuming them completely. A simple question from Diana activates Noah's fear and launches him to reach an abrupt and irrational decision. Diana's soul is battered and she tumbles into a life of duotone, living and breathing every day in yellow and black. Diana prepares to accept that love can't be as it was, and Noah believes he should be abandoned to a black hole.


Through the passing of time, can Noah overcome his fears and reach back out--and can Diana accept him? With a pendular and cosmic love haunting them both, will they enter each other's orbit at last or will time and life have stretched their love too thin to survive?

Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.59.51 PM.png

With their relationship intact, Diana and Noah embark on a new life voyage and finally turn to each other and family to wade through the new goal posts life placed in their path.

Over a much shorter span of time, they must truly trust each other to overcome the baggage they carried with them into their sudden union.
Will their view be enough to keep their planets in their shared orbit—or will a cosmic collision put an end to their story of the ages?


Yvonne Avery is an emerging author of both sweet and spicy romances, and extra spicy romances.

Native to Buffalo, New York, she can be found hunting chicken wings in the wild and freezing throughout September and until July. She may be unavailable during periods of unexplainable weather

(i.e. Snowpocalypse), or planning her escape to a warmer climate.


When she’s not writing, she’s probably watching Outlander, Season 1, Episode 7—again.

Connect with Yvonne on social media, and thanks for reading!


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